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Will I be charged a fee for any initial meeting?

No, any initial consultation will not be chargeable. The purpose of any first meeting will be to see if there is anything I can do for you. You will be under no obligation.

Can you facilitate meetings out of normal office hours?

Yes, I can meet you in the evening or at weekends if that is more convenient.

How are your fees calculated?

I operate on a fixed fee basis which means that you know exactly what the cost will be. Once we agree on the work to be done a fee will then be agreed between ourselves before I start any work. You will not be billed for any preliminary work I do e.g. initial meeting, examination of books or records etc. 

My business is very small. Why would I need an accountant?

While it is possible for small businesses to submit their own tax returns and attend to their own statutory obligations it is unlikely that they will be experienced in this area which increases the risk of incorrect returns being submitted. This could result in the wrong amount of tax being paid which could have serious implications in terms of interest and penalties.

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